Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hawaii Jet Lag

I write this while laying in bed and reading blogs at 6 am local time. It's this terrible combination of jet lag (it's 10 am in Utah) and my stupid teacher internal clock that has been waking up far too early since August. We'll fix that soon enough. 

Thursday we drove to St George, stayed up late talking and laughing with my family (and the Beard played old school Gameboy Pokemon with my little brother), then we were up at 5 and heading to Vegas for our flight to Honolulu. 

5 sounds pretty early for a 9 am flight, right? That's what we thought too until we were running through the Vegas airport with our bags to barely make the flight. Not as glamorous as Home Alone. 

After a lot of Diet Coke, another flight to Kauai and a Costco run -- we're here! Until Thursday!! Check out my Instagram for more drool-worthy pics at @dholdy :)

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  1. Have a fun trip!! I'm a bit jealous, I've never been.