Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's a Booze Cruise!!

On Tuesday We took a little cruise around the Na'Pali Coast and it was pretty awesome. We did it to celebrate Brookie's 21st birthday!!

The coast has small stretches of pristine beaches and miles of steep black cliffs with spikey spears known has Hawaiian Cathedrals. The volcanic rock makes for some cool snorkeling too. You guys... I was even brave enough to snorkel for like 15 mins!!! There were fish swimming all around me and I kept visualizing phantom sharks in the distance but I survived. 

The really cool part of the cruise was after dinner when everyone was enjoying Mai Tais and beer. Well, everyone except for us obviously. One of the crew came to ask us if we wanted a round. When we said no thanks, she looked around at us. 

"Are you guys all together?" I could see her trying to piece together our group, so I quickly explained and pointed. Mom, Dad, siblings, son-in-law. 

"So you're the mom? All 3 of these kids are yours?" She asked my mom, almost in wonder. 


We all laughed and she just shook her head. "No offense! That's hard!"

"It's worth it!" My mom smiled. 

"I'm just impressed," the lady said. "Keeping a family together is hard." 

And I just thought.... No. It really isn't. When you know, as we do, that family is the #1 priority, and ACT LIKE IT, it isn't hard. It's a natural consequence. We've taken precautions and extra time to make sure our family was tight, and though we're far from perfect, we have achieved that goal. 

The conversation turned to where we were from, which turns to how we're Mormon. We were only briefly able to talk with her, but I really hope we left the impression on her of a happy family that has stuck together. 

I really hope she wants that, it resonates with her, and one day those missionaries will knock on her door and she'll get that eternal family and all the blessings that come with it. 

This gospel is pretty awesome and I hey to be with these weirdos forever. 


  1. It was kind of like that on our cruise. Everyone kept asking Justin and I if we wanted a drink and when we refused, we had to explain we were Mormon and the Word of Wisdom, and many many people were impressed. Yaay you, me, and the rest of us!

  2. this is awesome. it's sad how rare close families are these days