Sunday, July 7, 2013

MY Happiness Project

While I was in Hawaii, I read The Happiness Project. Well, I read most of it. It got super boring around her August chapter, so I skimmed from there. (But it's well worth a read, so go pick it up or check it out)

Its no secret to anyone reading my blog that the last few months have been really rough for me. Some of my worst ever, actually. This isn't a sob story - I'm happy! There were tons of great memories interspersed with those terrible days that made me want to run away. I'm not depressed. I'm not struggling. I, like any other person, just wanted to have a fresh start, and to just BE happier.

This book really spoke to me for that reason - she was happy, but she just wanted to be happier. Whether or not it actually worked was somewhat irrelevant. It's about effort. Desire. Attitude. The idea that we can improve our lives is one that I truly believe in.

Therefore, on my flight home from Philadelphia, exhausted, headache-y, anxious and unexcited for our move, I found myself thinking about The Happiness Project.

"Hey Danica."

"Whaaaaaaaat. Leave me alone."

"Let's do a Happiness Project! Let's be Happy!"

"No. Sounds like work. Sounds like something I'd get excited about and then never finish."

"C'mon it'll be fun! What do we have to lose? It literally can only help at this point."

"Uh. Fine. Let's make some lists."

I fight with my brain a lot, actually. My brain always wins.

One tiny cup of Diet Coke with cylindrical ice and a baby bag of hard pretzels later, I came up with this, My Happiness Project.

Week One (July 1-7): Home & Marriage
Week Two (July 8-14): Mindfulness & Learning
Week Three (July 15-21) Physical & Fun
Week Four (July 22-28) Spirituality & Finance
Week Five (July 29-Aug 4) Improvement & Beauty
Week Six (Aug 5-11) Motherhood (no I'm not pregnant) & Blog

Basically I just started listing areas in my life where I wanted to see more happiness and progress, then picked 2 per week for my 6 remaining weeks of summer before I have to start doing school stuff again.

Every week I'll share my goals and how it went (week one's post coming tomorrow), because why have a blog if I can't bore you all to death with my inner insecurities and marginal improvements?!!

Have any of you guys read this? What did you think? Are you going to try it? If so, lets talk.


  1. So glad you read this book! Isn't it wonderful?!?
    Good luck on your own happiness project!

  2. I read it because I saw your instagram, and l really liked it! Just like you, I've been going through some tough things and I'm happy, but I want to be happier! So, I'm definitely going to be trying my own. :) I'm excited to hear about yours!

  3. Love this. Still haven't read the book (sometimes self-help books bore me?), but I've heard from so many people that the message is good.

  4. I LOVED this book. It is the best. My mom listens to the audiobook all the time, whenever she needs a boost. I haven't done a formal happiness project yet but I have been much more goal-oriented since reading it. In June I ate no sugar. In July, I'm wearing a different dress every day. These are silly things that feel like progress and I just love it. Also through reading this book I have realized that I really am happy. If I think I'm happy, I am. How great! Good luck with your projects!

  5. This looks so great. I might have to do this too. I am not one for self-help books usually, but this idea is wonderful. Maybe I will have to read it too.