Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Douchebag Nose and Day 1/180

I made it. At least until today. Here's how the first day went:

9 pm - Get in a fight with The Beard over something stupid right before bed, the night before my first day of school because that's maturity!  #marriage

10 pm - Go to bed grumbling

11 pm - Actually put down my phone after reading every article on Buzzfeed

12 pm - 4:30 am - Have roughly 7 stress dreams about missing Mitch's call, sleeping through school, rampaging gorillas, the usual. Approximate sleep time = 1 hour.

4:30-5:30 am - Lie awake cuddling Glen Coco and trying to get the panic in my chest to subside, even like 2%

5:30 am - Elder Budge calls from the airport! We got to talk to him for almost 45 minutes until he boarded the plane and the stewardesses made everyone hang up. It was awesome. He even bore his testimony to us in Japanese!

6:30 am - Sneeze and burn my hand while curling my hair. Glen Coco licks me furiously, gravely concerned. Thanks, nose. I couldn't have done it without you.

 7:05 am - Dance my way out the door and into my silent classroom for some awkward outfit photos

Top: Victoria's Secret, Skirt: Cozy, Heels: Forever Young Shoes, Belt: F21
7:50 am - Bell Rings. It begins. Panic turns to adrenaline which turns to volume in my voice and snapping in my fingers.

 First Day Activity - I ask the kids for some input about the kind of class they want, they write their thoughts on stickies and put them on the board for us to talk about

2:50 pm - Bell Rings. I finally take a breath. And several ibuprofen.

3:30 pm - I stumble into my apartment, change into sweats and notice my numb toes have returned. Curse of the heels. But they're just so cute!

5:00 pm - The Beard comes home and makes me homemade pasta because he's THAT cool.

Here I am, several days later, toes still numb, burn still glaring, throat strained and still smiling. Three days down, 177 to go. :)


  1. Loved your outfit and your classroom. It makes me kind of want to be a teacher. But I think I'll live through you instead. Love you girl!