Monday, August 26, 2013

Resistance is Futile. Pinterest is Inspirational.

Well here it is! I'm at school waiting for my kids to pour into my room for the first time. I love fresh starts. I love setting goals. I love To-Do lists. I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, listening to some of my favorite tunes, writing in my journal and making categorized lists of goals, ideas, worries and task items. I found several of these beauties on Pinterest that have stuck with me lately. I suppose this constitutes my list of goals for this school year.

My thoughts yesterday as I thought about meeting all 200 of my new "kids" Monday morning. Love them already. And I want to hold on to that love, rather than get sick of them, because my love for them DOES make a difference.

My thoughts today as I wake up early, meet 200 of my kids, go over my policies 6x in a row and come home with toes numb from pacing in heels all day.

For tomorrow and the next day and the next - when things get hard (TWSS) and I'm tired and sick and feel like I'm never gonna make a difference.

My Motto for this year - gonna pin this by my desk and on my mirror because it's what I want - to be a legend.

The best piece of overall life advice for school year multitasking/type-A/control freak me - leaving my phone in the car and appreciating nature as we camped with our best friends this weekend was a nice reminder of the beauty of just LIVING.

Basically I want to live my life in bold. Be a more tenacious and vivacious teacher. Expect more, do more. Be a more accomplished learner and student in grad school, my job and life in general. Have a life every day outside of school. Be healthier and have balance in my life. Have fun with my job every day! I only have 180 days with these kids and I want each of those to mean something to each of us. 

Alright, Sunset Ridge Middle School. Let's do this.


  1. I wish I had you as a teacher! Good luck! You'll kill it:)

  2. Did you have a good first day (minus the curler burn)? Love these teacher pins. I'm always afraid I'll come off as braggy and self-important when I repin things like this, but at the same time.... they're awesome. So I should just repin them.