Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Happiness Project: Week Six

I had to be really secret this week. I had to employ like super secret agent moves.


For the record: NOT PREGNANT. Not even a little pregnant. Not even baby hungry yet.

But I did want to learn a little more about pregnancy and motherhood since the only things I know I learned from The Office and Baby Mama. I'm getting to the point where the baby aisles at Target don't make me physically sick, so that's good. But I still don't know anything about babies, ultrasounds, infant care, onesies, bath time, car seats... wow this list just keeps getting longer.

-Read up!
--So I sneak-attack put a bunch of books on hold and I wore my trenchcoat and sunglasses to go pick them up at off-hours at the library. I didn't really wear the trenchcoat but I was very sneaky and fast. I don't need to run into students or friends when I have an armload of maternity-info books. I also delved into a lot of the blog posts "348 Things You Need To Know As A Complete Moron Getting Pregnant For The First Time" that I've pinned over time.

-Watch up!
--I watched The Science of Babies on Netflix - fascinating. I even got The Beard to watch What to Expect When You're Expecting with me! He's probably less scared of babies than I am, actually. He's great with babies and little kids - unless they're our niece Lillie who is still terrified of his big black beard.

-Think about what type of mother I'd like to be
-- The biggest thing that I walked away with is "Take a breath, Danica. People have been doing this for thousands of years. Millions of people didn't read books, and watch documentaries, and ask every person on the street about pregnancy. Millions of people! And overall, pregnancy for them is still ok. If the idiots on 16 and Pregnant can do this, I'm pretty sure I can do this. Also multiple people told me that I'd need to drink a bathtub's worth of Diet Coke a day in order for it to hurt any baby I was carrying, so even though I drink an obscene amount, I'm not scratching that surface. That really helped my fears. I won't have to give up Diet Coke!!!


- Get a "real" blog URL
- Got it. Execpt The Beard got it for me on this weird site and we're still working on getting it linked up to host this blogspot. Get excited for that to come up.

-Make it look cuter.
-- Working on a new logo/name. Added an Instagram feed. Rearranged. I'm creating tabs and pages like a real deal blog. And I'm working on a few new buttons. There's not a lot to show for this right now. But it's still coming. Promise.

- Learn how "real" blogs operate.
-- No surprise - I checked out a bunch of books, read a bunch of posts (Especially Bon's. So helpful) and started mapping out where I want my blog to go. I really have never even TRIED with my blog. I've done a couple of things that friends have asked - giveaways, hosting, guest posts, etc. But I've never really done anything with my blog. But I'm ready to be more real. Blog more regularly, interact more in the blogging world, be a "real" blogger. Who knows. Maybe we'll even get to a sponsorhip phase. I still don't really know what that is. But it sounds cool. Dreamin big over here.

Coming Soon - my overall view of my Happiness Project. Acceptable social media posts when you're pregnant. Annoying stuff Bloggers do. More things that I realized/got bugged by when I did my Happiness Project.

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  1. hahaha can't wait for those future posts

  2. haha I love that you did so much research. Babyhood and mommyhood is fascinating i think so I love reading about it all. Especially birth (i know, i'm weird, but it's COOL). The good news is I did NO preparing before hand, and all the stuff I really needed to know I happened upon during pregnancy, or I searched it out when I needed it. Like - Eff, my baby isn't sleeping and we are 9 months into this shindig and SHOULDN'T SHE BE SLEEPING??? and so I looked it up then and found what I needed to know. It's all a step at a time. The thing I always tell people who are freaking out is your baby come needing literally nothing more than food, sleep and their diaper changed. Its the verrrrrrrry basic. And then each day they grow and you grow right along side of them and THAT's how you become a baby pro with your own kid. Don't stress, it'll alll happen the way its supposed to :)

  3. I love this post in all its glory. I'm not pregnant to but love to hear/learn about what to expect in the future. It is so much fun for me to play with my nieces and nephews for the time being. :)

    And I am so excited to see your finished blog design! I recently had some help fixing mine up. I have had it for almost two years mainly so my mom and family could see what I was up to, but I think I am going to start blogging "for real" too. Maybe we could do a button swap or something? I could use the help :)

    Lovin' Lee Life