Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things I'm Terrible At

Including, but not limited to:

  • Speaking in church (which we're doing today). I talk too fast and say whatever I feel like. I know. Your worst Sacrament meeting nightmare. 
  • Using knives, especially sharp ones
  • Washing my face before bed
  • Swimming. I blame it on my, ahem, DD drag resistance. Not buoyant. 
  • Lipstick
  • Singing, but I don't let that stop me. Haters gon hate.
  • Fasting. Aren't we all, though?
  • Children under 12. I'm bad at children.
  • Elderly over 70. I'm also bad at old people. 
  • Using hot rollers
  • Forgiving 
  • Any kind of art or design. I can't make anything look good. 
  • Comforting people
  • Pushing myself hard in a workout. I jump off that treadmill as soon as I talk myself out of it. sometimes before I'm even inside the gym. 
  • Photography, editing, "real" blogging
  • Choosing sides in a debate - Liberal v. Conservative Issues, Educational ideologies, NSYNC v. BSB (jk it's totally NSYNC)
  • Standing up to people
  • Cooking & sometimes baking (i.e. French macarons)
  • Training Glen Coco. He's just too cute or I'm just too lazy or both. 
  • Running into people I kind of know at Walmart. I always hide and/or pretend to not see them. 
  • Pushing my kids when they don't want to be pushed. 
  • Buying people presents they actually want
Yikes that list got long fast and I'm only getting started. 

But apparently there are at least 100 of you out there who think I'm not terrible at blogging, so I want to thank you for that. I appreciate your kind, hilarious, insightful comments and of course, your friendship. All my love coming through this post direct to you. 




  1. I have the same swimming problem and always have gotten too frustrated to learn to do it properly, but I really want to be able to swim for excercise so I'm taking a swimming class this semester to try and learn correct technique... we'll see how that goes!

  2. I'm so terrible at old people. And amen to the fasting thing!