Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October To-Do List

It's my birth month! Yay! I'm a firm-believer in celebrating as much and as long as you can. Life is short. YOLO, as they say. On October 25 I will be 24 years old and I'm anxiously looking forward to my zombie hunting birthday party (information forthcoming, keep the evening Saturday Oct 26 open, you're invited).

-Spend a Day in Park City
-Buy & Burn a fall scented candle 
-Chili & Scones (conference weekend)
-Harry Potter Marathon (Fall Break)
-Make a pumpkin craft
-Caramel Apples (FHE)
-Watch Meg Ryan Fall Rom Coms
-Find/Make Kickass Halloween Costumes (Hint: I'm going as everyone's favorite fairytale
-Go to a Football Game
-Watch a scary movie, alone, because The Beard is a scaredy-cat
-Read in the Park
-Reread & Watch World War Z
-Do a Halloween Inspired Manicure
Apparently all I want to do this month is watch movies? And I'll have time to do it - Oct 4th I have off to compensate me for Parent-Teacher Conferences on Oct 2 & 3 until 7 pm, Oct 17-18th is my Fall Break, and Nov. 1 is the end-of-term grading day.

Four days off, plus Halloween and my birthday? No wonder October is my favorite month.


  1. i just watched you've got mail! such a great one. check!

  2. also, if we lived in the same city, i would TOTALLY watch a scary movie with you. all of my friends are babies about it, too.