Thursday, September 26, 2013

Aptitude Test = 1, Danica = 0

Yesterday my kids took the EXPLORE test, which is basically a pre-ACT with an aptitude section. When they get the results next week they'll get an overall score, individual test scores (science, math, English and reading) and they'll also get a chart showing which career sets they are most interested in and how their scores should line up with that.

The idea is to get them thinking about the future and preparing to make educational adjustments. For example: a kid may realize through the aptitude test that he fell into the science category ("I'd like to go to a science museum." "I like seeing how things work." "I'm interested in nature." etc.), and then it will show him that A. His scores are looking good and to keep it up, or B. His scores are a little low for someone who wants to be in a field of science and to kick it into gear. It's a pretty cool test, despite the fact that it takes away two days of instruction.

It got me thinking about the aptitude tests I took in middle school and the jobs that they indicated for me:
  • Lawyer
  • Gryffindor House (zing!) jk I'm totes Ravenclaw :(
  • Public/Government Service
  • Writer or Editor
  • Teacher (no surprise there)
  • Research Assistant
  • Psychology
  • Manager
Those tests did a pretty good job and there's no question that teaching is for me. I love it. I know I complained and doubted quite a bit last year - but this year its so much better and I LOVE being here. I LOVE these kids. I LOVE the school environment, the fast pace, the constant change. 

But what if I wasn't a teacher? What would I be when I grow up? What are my ideal jobs? None of THESE showed up on my aptitude test results!

  • Pinterest Pro. I don't know what that is but I want to be it. 
  • Personal Shopper. My cousin Sally commissioned me two weeks ago to find her a modest, cute dress and it was the most fun ever. She got a super cute lace number from ASOS that I suggested!
  • Writer - books, blogs, news column. I just love to write. As long as it's something I care about.
  • Personal Trainer - I actually looked into this over the summer because I knew The Beard would be starting school and if I was gonna take a second job, it would be this. 
  • Playlist-Maker. The Beard made so much fun of me when he saw how many playlists I have. Happy, Sad, Rainy, Morning, Summer, Nighttime, Anger, Sleepy, Yoga, Singalong, Love, Workout, + 20 more. I get a little ridiculous. I maybe had a makeout playlist in college. MAYBE.
  • Coach. I'm not terribly awesome at sports, but I love sports, I love learning and strategizing with sports and I love working with kids. 
  • Makeup Artist/Esthetician. I love all things makeup and beauty, and I love giving tips and recommendations. 
  • Therapist/Life Coach. I've always loved helping people talk through their problems and find solutions. 
  • TV & Movie Critic. I absolutely love watching TV and movies, and I LOVE analyzing and talking about them.
If you want to make any of these dreams come true and could use my help with Pinterest/Shopping/Closet Editing/Writing/Working Out/Music/Sports/Makeup/Life/TV you just let me know. I'll take care of you.

What did your aptitude tests say? Is that where you're headed? What is your ideal job?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants Pinterest to be a full-time gig.