Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet our Fuzzy Little Boy....

Hi! My name is.....


At 0 lbs. 14 oz., 5 inches tall and cuddly as a puppy ever was... He's perfect! We got him one week ago and he was just over 4 weeks, which is pretty early. We're lucky.

I'm borrowing this likes/dislikes thing from Katie, who does this for her baby... is that wrong? He's sort of OUR baby. We send pictures of him back and forth and just gush about how cute he is all the time. So yeah. We're THOSE kind of parents. 


  • Pooping on the sidewalk, not the grass
  • Jumping on mom's face (hence the scratches, if anyone's seen me in person lately)
  • Chewing on dad's Sperry's 
  • Hanging his feet out the side of his kennel

Favorite food - Danica's hair

Favorite napping place - deep within the cushions of our couch

  • Being left alone when he knows Mom & Dad are in the other room
  • Loud noises like doors slamming, diesel trucks and loud music
  • Chewing on a chew toy when there are fun things like shoes and Dad's ears to chew on instead
Come visit him! You'll be as smitten as we are. :)


  1. The feet-outside-the-kennel picture is tooooooo cute.

  2. I super love the name! Plus the puppy is super cute!!!