Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Running with Tayler Christiansen

Today's post comes from my smart and sporty friend Tayler. We met in England on our Study Abroad and now we talk all the time about history teacher stuff. :) Check out her blog about her book reviews, yummy recipes and her upcoming wedding and first year of teaching at my alma mater, Springville Junior High. And this post is the push I needed to get out and run today!

Why run? I hate tracks. Always have, always will. That is why I was never on track although I admired my younger sister for doing so. She was in great shape, able to run in such heat and at such distance. I was jealous of her legs.  But I hate tracks. Round and round and round and round. Going in a circle. That’s all it is—getting nowhere. I am a hamster running, trying to get somewhere, but am trapped in the same place.

I run (not on tracks, but outside exploring Provo) because I can. That is the reason.

I run away. I away from stress, from sickness, from bad days. When I am feeling down, I change into my shorts and running shirts, put my hair in a braid, turn my iPod up super loud, and head out the door. About 15 minutes in, whatever bothered me before is history. I am flying, I am fighting, and I am winning.

But, I am stubborn. I run towards a goal. I run because I am stubborn. Every step is a fight and I will prove to my body I can win. It is a test of courage, a test of diligence, of determination, of ambition, of spirit. But, it is mainly a test of strength. To see how far I can push myself. Can I make it all the way up this hill without walking? How many stairs can I run up? What is the longst, fastest sprint I can do? Who will give up first, my legs or my spirit? It is something I can prove to myself. Something I can strive for and show that I can achieve it and more. Besides, that high that you get after running is enough to keep you gong for the rest of the day—the satisfaction and knowledge that you just defeated your own body and made it do the impossible.

This mantra not only applies to running, but to whatever I (or you) do to work out and stay in shape. After I run and stretch, I like to do other exercises to build my muscle tone. Again, I like to push myself: 10 more seconds on core exercises, 5 more pushups, etc. 

So go out and go running. Don’t get stuck on an endless track. Find a windy, shady trail. Try some stairs. Run past your friends headed up to class and smile, showing off. Explore neighborhoods you’ve never been to before. Have a soundtrack going. Make sure to include Rocky Story music, such as “Gonna Fly Now” and “Training Montage” (even include Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” When you hear these songs, push yourself to the utmost limit and DO NOT STOP NO MATTER WHAT until the song is done. Then, don’t stop even then! Keep going!

So my challenge for you is to listen to Lowell Thomas. Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. You will thank yourself afterward. Because, it’ll surprise you—you can actually do it. Mind over body. Determination over mind. Be stubborn. Go run.

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