Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 Months for you, Glen Coco! You Go Glen Coco!

Sunday was Glen Coco's 6 month birthday!!!! Yeah. I'm one of those people. But, no, I didn't make him a pup-cake. It's real.

**To read our post when we first got Glen check here**

I can't believe he used to look like this.

But now he looks like this! (Notice the sock he's {unsuccessfully} trying to bury)

Man we love this little guy. Our little family just revolves around him. He's getting all puppy pad trained, not biting and slowly cutting down on the crazy barking. He's extra cuddly and he's learning tricks!

He even made it onto Dogshaming in his first 6 months. Pretty accomplished. Even if it was post-scary-haircut.

Not to mention I love that the Beard loves him. We got him knowing he'd be for me, and the Beard was reluctant to even have one. But fellow Beards bonded and now they are fast friends. :)

Two bearded goofballs in a pod. 
Try to tell me this isn't the best picture you've ever seen. 


  • Stealing & hiding socks (see above)
  • Sticking his butt in your face
  • Eating leaves, paper, anything
  • Playing fetch
  • Our big blue blanket aka Glen's nap spot
  • Humping his panda pillow pet (sorry?)


  • Cold snow on his sensitive little paws
  • His Darth Vader Halloween costume. It was a little too big and scared him so bad. So it'll have to wait until next year. :(
  • Baths
  • Waking up
  • Lettuce
  • Milo (the upstairs neighbor's Bernese Mountain dog. Same age as Glen, 50x the size and very VERY friendly)
  • Vacuums & Washing Machines

Hilarious things he does:

When I'm asleep or reading or otherwise occupied, he gets his toy and drops it right on my face.

 Wake up Mom!

When I do yoga he attacks my ponytail and jumps on my back. Challenge Level: 10. I'm going to try to get some video because it's comedic slapstick gold.

When I'm asleep he sleeps above/against the top of my head on my pillow, and gets pissed if I have to change position.

When he knows he's in trouble he looks up at us with sad eyes and tries to nuzzle. It works.

When he jumps off the couch he leaps like he's trying to fly.

When I hide under a blanket and "cry" for him he wails and whines until he can find a way under the blanket. 

When we are eating he tries to catch the food between our plates and our mouths.

Boy, is he perfect. 


  1. His face in the "I killed my moose" photo is ADORABLE.


  2. Your blog is sooo sweet! :)
    I love the posts about you and your husband!

    Followed you!

  3. I seriously love your dog! I think our dogs would make good babies together ha.

  4. PS If you are interested in doing a sponsor swap contact me! sarahbethgardner@gmail.com